From mysterious uploaders to super creepy "found footage", the Youtube age allows aficionados of the bizarre, weird, and spooky to entertain themselves with endless content. Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, and prepare to get scared with 5 of our favorite creepy videos found online below. 

...01 101....  

Uploaded by mysterious aetbx, this Youtube video garnered international attention for its puzzling creepy nature. The online community has scoured the video for clues and someone even ran the sound through a sprectrogram discovering this frightening image with the message "you are already dead." Is this a prank or our worst nightmares coming true?

All the videos of Sitting and Smiling

I don't care why this guy makes these videos. They are creepy! Where does he get the time to record hours and hours of himself sitting and smiling all the time?

Paris Catacombs Lost Man Footage 

This found footage video is an online classic. When this first surfaced years ago, it scared the pee out of me. I still want to explore the Paris Catacombs, though. 

The McPherson Tape

The McPherson Tape is an early example of a found footage movie and it's one of the best. However, it's spawned an urban legend. The footage you can find was created by Dean Alioto as a film called UFO Abduction. The legend states, though, that Dean's film is a remake of the real thing. 

The Horton Mine

There are no reasons to suspect this mine explorer would make something up. He has other videos which are purely about his explorations. This video hits the creepy scale with some unexplained occurrences that have people claiming paranormal activity. 

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