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Audible is poised to release an original mystery horror, Reverse Transmission on October 24, 2018. The darkly comedic audio story combines elements of science fiction and dystopian thrillers, centering on a murder spree involving a self-driving car.

The multi-chapter original utilizes a talented cast and an immersive soundscape to tell a mysterious story set in the high-tech near future. Jay, a starving artist, gets the only day job she’s qualified for: “driver” of a self-driving car at the rideshare company Awooga. The job turns from hilariously awkward to intensely frightening when the car runs over a pedestrian and manipulates Jay into disposing the body.

The central mystery of the show is who or what is causing the car to kill? Could it be the CEO of Awooga? Has the car become sentient – and homicidal? Or is an anti-technology cult resisting artificial intelligence and augmented reality behind the violence? The non-linear, non-traditional format of Reverse Transmission adds to the intrigue, and it’s ultimately up to listeners to figure everything out.

Wham City Comedy is known not only for their brilliant and unsettling sketches and performances but also for the “easter eggs” carefully placed within their works. Listeners will have as much fun unscrambling Reverse Transmission as fans did with the psychological horror/comedy video This House Has People In It, that originally aired on Adult Swim.

Wham City Comedy’s videos have garnered millions of online views, and they have generated a rabid following from their material featured on comedy-centric outlets such as IFC. The collective has produced highly popular "infomercials" for Adult Swim including, Unedited Footage of a Bear, and Live Forever as you Are Now and most recently starred in a live interactive mini-series for the network, The Cry Of Mann.

Reverse Transmission was written by Param Anand Singh and directed by Ben O’Brien of Wham City Comedy, a collective known for their intricate, interactive meta-narratives.