The incredible director duo Burghart Brothers are hard at work on their feature film FOLLOW THE LEADER. The indie project is part of Seed & Sparks' ‘Communal Nightmares’. If they win they get an additional $25,000 for their production along with access to other great opportunities. In order to win they need your help to get 1,000 campaign followers. Click HERE to help and watch the concept trailer below.  

Link to Seed & Spark campaign:

In FOLLOW THE LEADER three characters lose their senses of sight, hearing and speech. After waking up in an abandoned mall from the 90s, they realize they are not alone. Follow the Leader is a genre pushing horror/thriller that jumps in and out of the perspective of these three characters. As they’re being hunted, they must learn how to survive, how to trust each other and if they even should trust each other.

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