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Fun Size Horror SWAG!


We're rolling out Fun Size Horror Swag just in time for the holidays! Buy yourself or your loved one a horrific product. Nothing says happy holidays like a blood stained pillow!

Subscribers to Fun Size Horror will receive 20% off all orders. Click here to learn more. Our members are also eligible for giveaways and exclusive goodies. 

As we build our infrastructure to make swag purchasing as easy as a click or two, please, for the momentary time-being, email your product interest to We will respond with a link for payment, sizing, options, and shipping info within 24 hours. 

We will update the site with new swag all month long! 

Fun Size Horror Playing Cards - $10.10

Fun Size Horror Playing Cards

FSH Playing Cards

"Make Horror Great Again" Baseball Tee - $23

"Pillow Fright" Inspired Pillow - $26.95

"Make Horror Great Again" Mug - $10.10



Remember to come back soon for more exciting swag! Please email your orders to and we will respond with links to purchase, customize, and pay. 

Subscribe today to get 20% off all swag!