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'Fun Size Horror's SHOCKTALE PARTY' Premieres on Amazon for Halloween!

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Just in time for HalloweenFun Size Horror's Shocktale Party premieres on Amazon today! Featuring 10 new episodes of terror with Puppet Horror Hosts, Screwball and Mistress Minerva!

To help the terror go down, each episode has thematically linked short films AND spirits (the boozy kind). The horror hosts will guide you on your journey, while their monstrous manservant Gorlik presents you with horror-themed cocktails perfect for your holiday parties.

Each episode in this series is an all night horror movie marathon in under half an hour!



Films & Filmmakers:

  • Locker Room Z - Mali Elfman
  • Whispers - Max Isaacson
  • Abhorrent - David Scott
  • Nasty Habits from Watch the Footage Productions
  • Weeji from Watch the Footage Productions
  • Strangers from Watch the Footage Productions (Allisyn Ashley Arm)
  • What Metal Girls Are Into - Laurel Vail
  • Epilogue - Erin Stegeman
  • Happy Birthday - Erin Stegeman
  • Rattle - Patrick Rea
  • Mr. Hendrix - Zeke Pinheiro
  • Spike- Dick Grunert
  • The Lonely Host- Lisa J Dooley
  • Last Call - Lisa J Dooley
  • Persephone - Lisa J Dooley
  • No Monsters Allowed - David Burgis
  • The Great Corbin - Mark Alan Miller
  • JF - Mark Alan Miller
  • Bad Eggs - Max Isaacson
  • Space - Ben Weaver
  • Serial Dater- Michael May
  • Prey - Bill Whirity
  • We Together - Henry Kaplan

Shocktale Party is created by Zeke Pinheiro, produced by Buck Claborn, and executive produced by Michael May and Mali Elfman. Starring Jack Bennett and Teline Guerra