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Horror Directors In A Scary Truck Talking Movies

A Fun Discussion About Upcoming Short Horror Films PREY and SERIAL DATER
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Subscribers enjoy the sneak peak at the upcoming short horror films by directors Bill Whirity and Michael May! The duo worked together to produce two short horror films, Whirity's PREY and May's SERIAL DATER. Bill picks up Michael with the star of his short film, a scary Ford truck, to discuss working together to bring these two projects to life, their inspirations, and goals, all while trying not to intimidate other drivers on the road. 

Special Thanks to Josh C. Waller and the "SpectreMobile"! 

PREY was written and directed by Whirity with cinematography by Edd Lukas starring Jessica Cook and Jacob Zachar. SERIAL DATER is written by Ross Mihalko and Rebecca Diggs, directed by May, and stars Janna Bossier and Gareth Koorzen.

PREY is already making the festival rounds and SERIAL DATER will premier in the coming month! Be sure to check them out on Fun Size Horror soon!