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Each film is just seconds long and created specifically for the digital age

Portland, ME -- For about a year, it has been filmmaker R.J. Wilson’s goal to scare audiences in “60 seconds or less”. With our ever-narrowing attention span coupled with the fact that most of us carry a movie theater in our pocket, Wilson caters to this market. That’s why he started “R.J. Wilson Horror” -- a labour-of-love project that creates content for the phone-gazer. As of today, his website,, is finally live, where you can watch and share these original horror films, all under a minute long.

“R.J. Wilson Horror” grew out of the frustrations of being a poor independent filmmaker, and -- most importantly -- out of a love of horror storytelling. His films are primarily cost-effective, stress-free, and each production takes anywhere from an hour to three, tops. “I love the challenge that comes with trying to cram a good, spooky story in such a short amount of time,” Wilson said. “It’s the first time in my life where I felt a strong passion for what I was doing.” R.J. Wilson’s microshorts have screened internationally in film festivals, appeared on the anthology 60 Seconds to Die as well as its sequel, in Bloody Disgusting’s World of Death webseries, and have earned several accolades including “Most Disturbing” and “Excellence in Editing Micro Cinema”.

Each film features a wide-array of cast and crew from Southern Maine, including Hannah Harleen, who performed lead and supporting actress in a number of microshorts, including Dead Air, O Killing Tree, O Killing Tree and Under Dusk, She Screams:

“Working with RJ was the first time I’ve acted in ‘micro-short’ style films, and appreciate being able to scare the pants off people in 60 seconds or less!”


R.J. Wilson is a filmmaker, editor, producer, and VHS hoarder based in Portland, Maine. He was born and raised in Auburn, Maine where he fell in love with filmmaking at the age of 13. He graduated with a BA in Media Writing from the University of Southern Maine and a Master’s degree in Film Production from Ohio University. Since 2015, he has acted as one of several producers for Damnationland: The Way Life Should Bleed, an annual and theatrical exhibition of original horror and thriller films by Maine filmmakers.