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Any ghoul who pops their eyes back into their sockets just to read and watch Fun Size Horror knows we're big believers in non-traditional methods of disseminating horror cinema to fans--which is why the unusual Sickhouse premiere caught our own bloodshot eyes earlier this month.

The film--a spin on the classic kids-go-into-the-woods-and-spookiness-ensues genre--not only couches its found footage aesthetic in a series of Snapchat videos, but the filmmakers premiered the film itself in installments via the social media app. Beginning on April 29th and wrapping up on May 3rd, the film rolled out with a series of Snaps to the audiences of the film's stars, Andrea Russett and Sean O'Donnell. 

In all, it was both a clever way to refresh/utilize the found footage horror genre (a bunch of self-obsessed kids with Snapchat accounts helps nix the "why-are-they-still-filming-this?!?" critiques the genre receives), as well as a smart utilization of new technologies and platforms to get an indie horror film to its audience.

If you're curious about the film and too tomb-laden to have a Snapchat account, don't lose your head--producers Indigenous Media will be premiering a director's cut of the film on the streaming platform Vimeo on June 1st.  Cheers to the filmmakers for using nontraditional methods to get your horror film out there!

Source: The Washington Post