Fun Size Horror kicks off our series of filmmaker interviews with visionary director of DRAINED and THE VISITANT, Nick Peterson, to discuss horror and his current project STICKY FINGERS. In his latest short film, he plays with more unique filmmaking techniques, that give his work the interesting style and one of a kind edge he's quickly becoming known for.  

While Peterson directs music videos and commercials, he has a huge interest in short form horror content. His film Drained emerged from our Holiday Filmmaking Contest and quickly caught the attention of viewers and judges. Drained is a mix of live action and animation, shot with still photographs at a speed of 8 frames per second.

His next short horror film, The Visitant with Amy Smart and SFX brought to life by none-other than Doug Jones, screened at Alamo Drafthouse in Fun Size Horror: Volume Two. Which is why we are so excited about his next project....

Sticky Fingers has been entirely shot and is now set to be rotoscoped, giving the film a completely animated and yet "real" feel. The film was shot with a limited budget and now has to be hand drawn, frame by frame. Peterson keeps the synopsis of Sticky Fingers relatively secret, but it's sure to be twisted. With paintings by Clive Barker adorning the walls and a look that Peterson had dreamt up coming to life, this film is something we're eager to see.

Peterson is currently raising funds to complete the animation in the film and due to the nature of the work, is able to literally add people to the film or include someones photos or artwork to the production design. If you're interested in supporting Nick's work CLICK HERE

As we at Fun Size Horror know, short films take a lot of hard work and dedication since budgets can be limited. Nick Peterson is an accomplished filmmaker but believes in short form because he's driven by the same creative goals all filmmakers have. He also follows his own advice;

"Any good horror film has strong story and strong character. And, I think that's what a lot of people forget about horror. They concentrate so much about the chainsaws and the blood but it's really about the love, and without the love there really is no horror.

Anything you can do to get out there and just make stuff. You just do it."

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