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This Halloween Fun Size Horror is offering a new Subscription membership to our fans. Fun Size Horror needs your support to keep growing and offering more content and opportunities to indie filmmakers.  We're offering subscriptions at one low cost right here at! Subscription is $2.99/Month with 1 month free! 

Membership Perks

  • Exclusive Content: Reviews, Interviews, Premiers, Sneak Peaks, Horror News, & More!
  • No Ads! Watch short horror films with ZERO ads for a better experience!
  • Discounts on swag, special giveaways, & more goodies!
  • Advertise Your Film or Campaign on Fun Size Horror! Members have the opportunity to advertise their films, crowdfunding campaign, art shows, or anything else on Fun Size Horror and across our social media accounts. 

All you have to do to support Indie Horror is CLICK HERE! 

Please help us keep horror alive! Our platform will continue to be free for all, but members will receive the special goodies above. Remember to share your horror content with us and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Stay tuned for new swag coming up soon available at a discount to members!