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Fun Size Horror has the exclusive premier of the short horror film WINDOW DRESSINGWindow Dressing is a short horror film about Danielle (Colleen Kelly) who gets a new job working for Clara (Elaine Partnow) at her clothing store. Danielle is asked to go to the storage room and is locked in the room with what she thinks are mannequins. She soon realizes all too late, that they are something else.

Written and Directed by Dave Bundtzen and produced by Flix Horror. 

Cast: Danielle Colleen Kelly, Clara Elaine Partnow

Written & Directed by Dave Bundtzen
Producers Marcella Cortland, Dave Bundtzen
Director of Photography Gavin V. Murray
Gaffer Louis Shah
Art Director Melanie Leandro
Art Assistant Rachel Dagdagan
Sound Recordist Scott Robinson Oatman
Makeup Lead Melissa Capistrano
Sound Design Paper Mountain Post
Music Composer Alex Winkler
Sound Designer Christina Gonzalez
Visual Effects Albin Larsson, Ryan J. Thompson
Colorist Trevor Durtschi
Storyboard Artist Kamilla Sharypova
Production Assistant Isaiah Sturge

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