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Untold Horror - Trailer

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ScreenAnarchy just released new information about the documentary series and multi-media company, UNTOLD HORROR. Created by former Editor-in-Chief of the horror magazine Rue Morgue, the series will share stories about some of the most famous and "almost-made" horror films, and will feature interviews with filmmakers like George Romero, John Landis, and Takashi Miike

Throughout film history there are stories of projects that never got made. Someone read a script but it got lost. Financing fell through at the last minute. This guy said something about that guy's mom and they will never work together ever again. For any number of reasons ideas emerge, we get excited, then projects disappear into the ether and are never heard from again. Proof of concept reels turn the World on fire only to be never seen or heard from again. Then there are whispers, stories over drinks at the pub, or games of 'who knows the coolest shit that has never been made?'. The new documentary series Untold Horror wants to take these stories out from local folklore and into our... 

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