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Vestra pictures Producer Tony Newton and Trash Arts Producer Sam Mason Bell
Want YOUR creepypasta short film for an upcoming anthology! They're looking for 10 of the scariest, most inventive and mind-blowing short films to delve into the nightmare world of creepypasta – user- created horror tales, myths and legends which have dominated the web with terrifying boogeymen, mysterious sightings and unexplained phenomena – copied, pasted and shared around the globe, blurring lines between reality and fiction, creating one of the fastest-growing forms of storytelling in the past decade. 

Because creepypasta stories themselves spread fast, we’ve decided to make this anthology available as soon as possible to eager viewers: the 10 winning films will premiere On Demand, in real-time, as a feature anthology in late December 2018. Now for the rules of the game:

  • Qualifying films must be between 5 and 7 minutes in length. 
  • You must create your own original story and characters. As much as we love to read about viral icons like Slenderman, Jeff the Killer and the Russian Sleep Experiment, we’re looking for new and original tales of terror – not retellings of old material. Use your imagination and give the world new, original nightmares of your own creation! 
  • All music and video used in your film must be free from copyright – unless you have received written permission from the rights holders.
  • Go for horror-centric themes only–no comedy or parody films.
  • Do not include title cards or end credits – instead, include a text version in email form with your submission. We will include these credits in the film’s end-title sequence. 
  • No real-life acts of violence or other crimes (including animal cruelty) can be shown. We are creating a fictional world of horror to frighten and entertain – not making a snuff film!

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