Kino Short Film has announced a new short film festival that aims to provide filmmakers with an unparalleled positive experience. To differentiate itself from the traditional film festival format, The People’s Film Festival categorizes films based on production budget rather than genre, all submissions receive free feedback and have a chance to win $1,000 in funding for their next project.     

    “This is a passion project that was really birthed out of our own frustrations with the festival circuit,” says Festival Director and Programmer Dustin Curtis Murphy. “The People’s Film Festival is our solution to alleviate filmmakers' frustrations, make the competition more fair, and hopefully shake things up in the industry to where filmmakers are given more power to hold festivals accountable. Most filmmakers are left wondering if the festival they submitted to even watched their film at all.” Murphy goes on to explain that most festivals curate based on genre rather than budget. “Making micro-budget films compete against sponsored shorts with thousands of dollars behind them, makes it very difficult for emerging grassroots artists to screen their work. We want to change that!”     

Kino Short Film will run monthly competitions, giving awards to 3 films a month. The Monthly Winners then go on to be Official Selections at the annual festival in November 2019 which will be a 3 day event filled with screenings, awards, pitching, networking, classes and workshops. The winners of the annual festival all compete for $1000 in funding for their next project. 

Fun Size Horror's co-founders are honored to judge the horror submissions for The People's Film Festival, and are looking to offer more exciting opportunities to winning filmmakers.

About: Kino Short Film has been running for the past 10 years in London. With over 1,200 active members, they’re a truly grassroots, rebellious filmmakers collective that values empowering indie filmmakers to do the best they can despite limitations. Their most popular offering is the bimonthly Short Film Open-Mic. Visit for more information.