Filmmakers, join our Fun Size Horror Holiday Filmmaking Contest! It's a ghoulish game in which contestants court madness and death... but, technically, you just have to submit your own short film to Fun Size Horror. And no, the submissions do not have to be holiday-themed; rather, they're simply a fun and freakish way to keep the Halloween spirit alive well past October and into the holiday season.

Having received a number of amazing shorts that exceeded the original five-minute time limit, we've decided to lengthen the limit! That's right: we are now accepting short film submissions of up to 25 minutes in length! Prizes remain the same: our judge's panel of horror filmmakers will select a winner to be promoted on our home page, distributed as one of our original films, and possibly be part of one of our own bloody volumes.

So submit your short film to Fun Size Horror, where it will be reviewed by the colorless The Beyond-y eyeballs of our seriously prestigious judge's cabal of Monstrous Movie Mavens (check out those names below)!

Contest Details (UPDATED!):

  • All films must be submitted by December 1st, 2015.
  • All films must be based upon an original story.
  • All films must have a runtime not exceeding 25 minutes.
  • Please submit all films to
  • Ownership: if you don't own it, we don't want to see it. Please review our Terms of Use.

As for those judges? Here’s who will be viewing your film:

Clive Barker—writer/ director of Hellraiser, Nightbreed, Lord of Illusions; author of Weaveworld, The Thief of Always, and The Scarlet Gospels, et al.

Daniel Noah—cofounder of SpectreVision; writer/ director of Max Rose and Twelve; writer of Camino; producer of A Girl Walks Home At Night, Cooties, The Boy, and Camino.

Josh C. Waller—cofounder of SpectreVision; director of Raze and Fun Size Horror short The Collection; director of Camino; producer of Cooties; producer of A Girl Walks Home At Night and The Boy.

Ryan Turek—Director of Development at Blumhouse Productions; writer/ director of Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective.

Leigh Janiak—writer/ director of Honeymoon and the upcoming remake of The Craft for Sony.  

One of our dedicated judges, working well into the night.

One of our dedicated judges, working well into the night.