Before we set out into the Halloween night, ready to do battle with our maniacal, Shatner mask-wearing stalkers, Druid-influenced costume companies, and gun-toting British psychiatrists, we here at Fun Size Horror would like to thank you all for making Fun Size Horror: Volume Two such a success--a big bloody thank you to our readers, to everyone who came out to see V2 on the big screen, and to everyone in our various casts and crews!

The sequel to last year's Volume One, Volume Two was another gory grab-bag of horror film shorts, and we had a ghoulish amount of fun unleashing it upon the world--premieres in both Austin and L.A., as well as daily premieres of individual shorts on the site throughout October. It's made for a wild Halloween season. If you've fallen behind, you can watch all of Volume One here, and catch up on your Volume Two viewing here!

Please stay tuned to Fun Size Horror for more original horror shorts, and remember: we can keep the Halloween horror season going into the holidays! Simply submit your own short horror film before December 1st, and you could win the chance for your film to be viewed by our judge's panel (led by Clive Barker!) and eligible for further distribution!

Happy Halloween!