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DARK, DEADLY & DREADFUL is a new series presented by Fun Size Horror that features top short films from our Community of users and fans. Episode 1 features two terrifying dark films BLEEDER, directed by Matt Thiesen and Justin Lee, and TAKE OUT by Joe Russo

Bleeder: A woman walks into a bathroom alone...or is she? 

Take Out: An elderly couple's quest for food is interrupted when they find Steve stranded on the side of the road. Offering him a ride, they are rewarded for their generosity when Steve invites them to his home for dinner. However the unsuspecting couple is unaware of Steve’s true intentions, and while steaks are indeed on the menu, so is death!

Starring: Milly Sanders & Jessee Foudray
Written by Milly Sanders
Directed by Matt Thiesen and Justin Lee
Music by Austin Meredith
FX Makeup by Yvonne Wang

Take Out
Directed by Joe Russo
Starring: Dean Ronalds, Bob Rue, Debra Watt, Crystal Lubahn and Ivan Lugo

Dark, Deadly & Dreadful Intro Created by HCT.Media

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