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DARK, DEADLY & DREADFUL is a new series presented by Fun Size Horror that features top short horror films from our Community of users and fans. Episode 2 features a deadly pair of films; THE BUG, a Fun Size Horror contest winner, directed by Jason Brown, and THE LISTING by Luke Jaden

The Bug: A bedtime story....

The ListingAn invisible malevolent entity impatiently waits for a family to haunt in this expertly wound and spooky jack-in-the-box of a horror short.

The Bug:

Starring: Jack McGinty, Michelle McGinty and Sean McGinty
Director and Editor: Jason Brown
Story: Annette DiGiovanni, Micah Roland and Jason Brown
Music: Dylan Price
Writer and VFX: Micah Roland

The Listing:

Directed by Luke Jaden
Written by Josh Malarian
Produced by Cort Johns, Michael Angelo Zervos , Jaime Gallagher, Jessica F. Sherman
Starring Erin Cummings, Rob Zabrecky, Dan John Miller, Ella Maltby, Gabriela Moncivais
Cinematography by Joel C. Warren
Original score by The Newton Brothers & Chad Stocker
Edited by Adam Pillon

Dark, Deadly & Dreadful Intro Created by HCT.Media

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