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Fun Size Horror co-founder Mali Elfman returns with a haunting new short, LOOP, a metaphorical piece she describes as what it feels like trying to become a filmmaker. The film stars Diva Zappa who also appears in Elfman's previous short film VOICE which is a part of FUN SIZE HORROR: VOLUME ONE. Loop, is tonal metaphor for the cycles we all find ourselves trapped in. The question still remains, how does one break free? 

Writer/Director: Mali Elfman

Starring: Diva Zappa

Produced By: Mali Elfman and Michael May
Executive Produced by: Zeke Pinheiro

Cinematography By: Jordan Long and Matt Glass
Music By: Matt Glass
Edited by: Boman Modine and Stephen Boyer
Color Correction By: Matt Glass

Special Thanks: Bill Whirity and Natalie Roers
In association with Fun Size Horror and HCT.Media

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