MR. HENDRIX, previously exclusive on Fun Size Horror's Volume One feature film, premiers online! Gaylan has recently married the love of his life, Felicia. Everything has been newly wedded bliss except for one thing; his stepdaughter Jordan has been having night terrors. He's suspected that the little girl has been faking it to drive a wedge between her mom and her new step-dad until one fateful night he discovers the truth...Jordan is being tormented by a demon in the closet named Mr. Hendrix--the same boogieman that terrorized him as a child. 

Directed by Zeke Pinheiro
Written by Zeke Pinheiro and Penny Cox
Produced by Mali Elfman & Michael May

Karis Papahadjopoulos
Craig Lee Thomas
Alison Segura
John Ennis
Zander Harthill
Julia Ransom
Michael Holle

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