A group of easily bored, thrill-seeking ghosts spend their nights pranking the living and challenging each other to pull off bigger and more elaborate deaths, but the latest member of their crew threatens to ruin everything.

Tracie Thoms and Adi Shankar lead an amazing ensemble cast in director Ned Ehrbar's PLAYING DEAD, a diabolical slice of horror-comedy co-written by Stephanie Ko. For these ghosts, the afterlife is less about resting in peace than it is finding wackier and more elaborate ways to "die" all over again -- and if they happen to terrify some of the living in the process, all the better. 

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Directed by: Ned Ehrbar
Written by: Stephanie Ko and Ned Ehrbar

Tommy: Tracie Thoms
Dex: Adi Shankar
Pete: Kevin Daniels
Reggie: Paul Telfer
Joe: Jake Varta
Drunk: Anthony Kroll
Coroner: Diva Zappa

Producer: Mali Elfman
Executive Producers: Michael May and Zeke Pinheiro

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