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Tracie Thoms and Adi Shankar lead an amazing ensemble cast in director Ned Ehrbar's PLAYING DEAD, a diabolical slice of horror-comedy co-written by Stephanie Ko. For these ghosts, the afterlife is less about resting in peace than it is finding wackier and more elaborate ways to "die" all over again -- and if they happen to terrify some of the living in the process, all the better. 

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Directed by: Ned Ehrbar
Written by: Stephanie Ko and Ned Ehrbar

Tommy: Tracie Thoms
Dex: Adi Shankar
Pete: Kevin Daniels
Reggie: Paul Telfer
Joe: Jake Varta
Drunk: Anthony Kroll
Coroner: Diva Zappa

Producer: Mali Elfman
Executive Producers: Michael May and Zeke Pinheiro

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