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VOICE is a short horror film by Mali Elfman about a young woman who goes to find her voice, but instead, it finds her first. The film stars, Diva Zappa, Michael May and Alison Segura and is from our FUN SIZE HORROR: VOLUME ONE anthology feature. Back in 2010 Elfman wrote, produced and acted in her first feature film, Do Not Disturb. This short marked her directing debut. The film is loosely based off an actual event that happened when she met her Fun Size Horror co-founders Michael May and Zeke Pinheiro on another set. 

Written and Directed by Mali Elfman
Starring: Diva Zappa, Michael May, Alison Segura, and Alex Choate

Director of Photography: Jay Dallen
Editor: Tim Donahue
Production Designer: Alex Choate
Music by: The Newton Brothers

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