In this horror film based on true events, Kurt is startled awake in the middle of the night. Is it his imagination playing tricks on him or is there someone in the house?

"At just under five minutes, the short delivers a true to life scenario that is sure to have you double... triple... quadruple checking that your doors are locked this evening as you go to bed!” - Ain't It Cool News

Directed by Joe Russo
Produced by Cherish McDowell, Jennifer McCuen, Jon Carson, Joe Russo
Written by Chris LaMont & Joe Russo
Story by Joe Russo & John Jesensky
Cinematography by Jon Carson
Edited by Ian McClarren
Original Music by John Jesensky
Executive Producers John Jesensky & Chris LaMont
Assistant Director – Charlie Peppers

Kurt – Kurt Kubicek
The Intruder – Paul Savory

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