Celebrate Halloween all year long with FUN SIZE HORROR.

Fun Size Horror is a production and distribution platform always on the search for new and exciting films! Fun Size Horror aims to terrify and delight viewers with Original short films that explore horror from every angle, from elevated suspense-thrillers and creature features, to hauntings and twisted animations, to untapped ideas lurking in our creators’ minds; all made into bite size pieces. Like a bag of Halloween candy, Fun Size Horror is exciting, unexpected...and of course, a little dangerous.

Anyone can become part of Fun Size Horror's growing community. We support independent filmmakers, look for new talent, and like to take risks. Have a short horror film you want others to see? Submit here! All user submitted films can be eligible for promotions, contests, and distribution opportunities. 

The Team

Zeke Pinheiro

Zeke Pinheiro

Zeke Pinheiro: Zeke grew up in the small town of Lodi California, a place known for its invention of the wine cooler. Being from a people who clearly like to make bad decisions, he decided to start making movies at the age of 9. From then on his birthday parties became small productions involving his writing a script, his mom renting a VHS Camcorder from the local video store, and forcing his friends into being his cast. Despite his mom no longer serving as his director of photography his skills as a filmmaker remain the same.

Mali Elfman

Mali Elfman

Mali Elfman: Mali is a lover of all things film. She began her career as an actor and writer for numerous short films and indie features, while running the film site ScreenCrave. She's entered the genre space with her micro-budget feature film DO NOT DISTURB, worked with Mark Danielewski producing his stage production of “The Fifty Year Sword" and has her first studio release through Relativity for Mike Flanagan’s BEFORE I WAKE. Genre films found her and now there's no escaping them. She loves nothing more than working with exciting and inspiring filmmakers who help her in her goal to not only scare audiences, but terrify them.

michael may

Michael May

Michael May: As a tropical storm hit Florida late one night in the early 80s, Michael May was born. Michael’s older brother would rent horror films when they were children, and he stayed up late watching them every weekend seeking the thrill of being terrified. Michael is an actor and director with numerous stage and screen credits thanks in no small part to the inspirations of those late night movie weekends. As a filmmaker he hopes to frighten viewers so much that they’ll need to sleep in their parents’ room, no matter what their age.