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Anthology film Fun Size Horror: Volume One is now available by Gravitas Ventures on all VOD platforms, XBOX, Playstation, and iTunes.

After their successful online Trick-Or-Treat promotional release, 31 short horror films that appeared online for free, the week of Halloween only, across BloodyDisgusting, Collider, DreadCentral, BadAssDigest and ShockTillYouDrop, the series was picked up for VOD release by Gravitas Venture.

Fun Size Horror:Volume One is a collection of twenty-one of the twisted tales made by the horror film collective. Like a bag of Halloween candy after a night of trick or treating Fun Size Horror: Volume One is filled with a variety of fun size treats of all kinds. The films range from classic slashers and creature features, to horror-comedy and hauntings, all made into one feature length film designed to chill and delight horror fans.

The series began when Creator Zeke Pinheiro, who took his love of genre movies and sought out a variety of different filmmakers to join him on a mission to make an assortment of terrifying short films. He partnered with Producers Mali Elfman and Michael May, and Executive Producer Curtis Andersen, to release Fun Size Horror.

Fun Size Horror: Volume Two is currently in production, set for release this Halloween 2015, aiming once again for 31 new shorts for audiences to feast on.  Filmmakers are encouraged to submit their short films on Fun Size Horror's website...they might be asked to participate in Volume Two.