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Frankenstein 1910

The first adaptation of Mary Shelley's gothic tale, FRANKENSTEIN was produced by Edison Studios and actually considered lost for decades before rediscovery. 

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 1920

Directed by Robert Wiene THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI is a prime example of the German expressionist movement that continues to influence filmmakers to this day.

The Haunted Castle 1896

George Melies, the legend, loved to experiment with visual effects before any knew what visual effects were. THE HAUNTED CASTLE is considered the first horror film.

A Trip to the Moon 1902

You can see the progression of George Melies' techniques in this truly classic film with its iconic imagery. More of a science fiction film than horror, A TRIP TO THE MOON's importance in film history deserve mention.

The Phantom of the Opera 1925

Getting closer to the classic horror film era in the 1930s, Lon Chaney became the first real horror star. His uncanny ability to create terrifying characters (he did all his own makeup) shocked audiences. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is still the best adaptation of the book in the plethora of plays, movies, and shows over the years.  

Nosferatu 1922

F.W. Murnau created NOSFERATU when he couldn't get the rights to Dracula. What he created is one of the most visually striking films every made.

The Golem; How He Came Into the World 1920

There were three Golem films made, and this one is a prequel. It tells the story of a rabbi who creates a large monster to protect his community.

Haxan 1922

HAXAN is an interesting blend of documentary and reenactments, and was an insanely expensive film for its time. It was the most expensive Scandinavian film ever made. 

Edgar Allan Poe 1909

Not a terrifying film by any stretch of the imagination, but an intriguing attempt by D.W. Griffith to make a biography of the writer Edgar Allan Poe.

The Lodger 1927

The best of Hitchcock's silent films THE LODGER was inspired by many things including Jack the Ripper.