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Bad Friday


The same team behind the short film FRANKULA, The Misty Moon Film Society and Robo Films, presents BAD FRIDAY. During a Good Friday outing from a care home, Frankie Abbott (David Barry, "Please Sir!") cons a giant Easter egg from a little girl in the park, and is pursued by a knife-wielding giant rabbit. He also succeeds in upsetting everyone on the outing, including Topaz, an ageing ex-stripper, who threatens to put Frankie over her knee and spank him.

Cast - David Barry (Please Sir!), Vera Day (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Gary Shail (Quadrophenia), Emma Dark (Seize the Night), Martin Rudman (Frankula), Timothy Curtis.

Crew - Writer: David Barry, Producer: Stuart Morriss, Director: Jason Read

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