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Co-Op of the Damned - Hell's Kitchen

Welcome to Hell's Kitchen.

This award winning series from Fun Size Horror filmmaker Ned Ehrbar takes a look at the crazy residents of the most haunted apartment building in New York City. Snuggle up with your roommate and watch the WHOLE SERIES on Fun Size Horror's platform!

This award-winning horror/comedy series takes horror genre conventions and clichés and shacks them up with obnoxious “real world” roommates. Each episode explores a different apartment with a different horrific tenant and a different supernatural dysfunction.

Holt Bailey & Brian Steele

Holt Bailey
Brian Steele
Ned Ehrbar

Rosie Tisch
Will Greenberg
John Forest
Holly Hyman
Brandon Tesar
Matt Johnson
Jessica Williamson
Peter Karinen
Ian Marshal Hicks

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