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Horror mixes with urban drama in this submitted short film by Philip CoburnJames Edwards returns to his childhood home to search for his missing brother Mark. Digging deeper into Mark's last recorded whereabouts James finds a community living in fear amongst the haunted canyons of the high rise towers. What are they so afraid of?

James is sought out by the leader of a local gang who warns James to call off his search, that something terrible comes into the estate each night from the wilderness that has taken the form of Mark and it's stalking James.

Written, Directed and Produced by Philip Coburn
Producer Fozia Khaliq
Executive Producer Stuart Marshall 

James Edwards - Carl Wright
Tyrese - Humphrey Pitman
Mark Edwards - Shomari Brown
Woman in park - Julia Munrow
Elderly Neighbour - Abigail Hamilton
Alvin - Nathaniel Francis
Femi - Micahel Brown
Michael - Jermaine Wilson
Ortis Smith - Rasidi Salam
Ben / Duane - Addi Young
Emergency Operator - Josephine Farr
Police Inspector - Jermaine Allen

Director of Photography - Oli Cohen

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