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A teenager is harassed by a blocked caller who is accessing all of his information from his Facebook page.

After receiving and accepting a friend request, Wes Andrews thinks he's going to have a quiet night at home alone with his parents gone. Right when his girlfriend leaves, he realizes she left her cell phone. Hours later, Wes begins to receive calls on both hers and his cell phones from an unfamiliar voice. He then receives Facebook messages and posts from this same person. Wes learns that he may have put too much of his personal information up on his Facebook page. Either someone is playing a cruel joke or Wes is in for the most terrifying night of his life.

Cast: Maxwell Hamilton, Lindsay LaVanchy, Jake Rude
Writer/Director: John Berardo
Producers: John Berardo, Kamell Allaway, Adam Tyree, Jonathan Pope
Director of Photography: Jonathan Pope