Dine With The Devil


From Drew Howard Productions in association with Brian T Shirley

When a young man, who's father has been missing for over a year, faces bullying and tough challenges, how will he respond? Is there dark or sinister forces at play? Who pays the tab when you "Dine with the Devil" ?

Produced by Brian T Shirley & Drew Howard

Directed by Brian T Shirley, Drew Howard, Vanessa Hundley, Sheilah D Smiley & Jeffrey Collins

Sean Whitman- Drew Howard

Max- Brian T Shirley

Hank Trunkhouse- Jeffrey Collins

Dr. Vane- Lance Morrison

Dean- Ron Frazier

Jessica- Marie Sokol

Mr. Trunkhouse- Larry Shirley

Rachel Meadows- Vanessa Hundley

Wendy Lang- Sheilah D Smiley

Sean's Father- Thomas Paris

Ann Whitman- Teresa Shirley