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Don't Ever Change

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DON'T EVER CHANGE is the story of recently paroled Karen Hickman, whose plan to reconnect with her estranged daughter is interrupted by a fan with an unusual request.

Cyndi Williams (Zero Charisma, Computer Chess), Heather Kafka (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Joe), Frank Mosley (Upstream Color, Them Bodies, Saints) Eric Zapata (Face Off)

Written & directed by Don Swaynos, producer of Travis Mathews’ dark thriller Discreet (Berlinale 2017) and editor of James Bryan’s recently rediscovered shot-on-video horror-comedy Jungle Trap (Fantastic Fest 2016).

The film made its world premiere at The Overlook Film Festival and its international premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival. It also screened at several genre festivals including Mayhem (UK), Cinepocalypse, Telluride Horror Show, and MonsterFest (Australia) as well as mainstream independent festivals including Cucalorus, BendFilm, Indie Memphis, and Sidewalk.

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