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Told with animation and live-action, 'Drained' tells the story of how a man's addictions can destroy the woman he loves.

Directed by Nick Peterson
Produced by Nick Peterson & Jon Heder
Director of Photography Chris Saul
Music by Chris Bacon

Fun Facts

  •  The funding was raised through, a crowd-source funding website.
  • To give this film a unique look, the entire film was shot with still photographs at a speed of 8 frames per second. All 254,000+ still frames were shot with a single Canon DSLR 7D camera.
  • In order to compensate for the slow frame rate of 8 seconds, the actors had to move 3 times slower than normal while covered in makeup, wearing masks, and with blinding strobe lights flashing in sync with the camera at 8 flashes per second.
  • While shooting the Director and DP were unable to look through the eyepiece of the camera and had to kind of guess where the actors were in the shot during each take.
  • Shooting lasted for 10 days.
  • Due to the sudden illness of the original actress, Andee Tims was cast to play the Woman the day before she began the shoot.
  • Makeup took about 4-6 hours each day to apply, and about another hour each day to remove.
  • Over 1000 condoms were used to build the condom suit.
  • The final 8 second shot of the film took 14 hours and two animators to shoot, and 6 people 2 hours to clean all the goo from the floor.