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The film will appear in well-renowned horroranthology 10 year anniversary this Halloween season
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Portland, ME -- Earlier this year, the website,, had its debut, where you can watch and share original horror films, all under a minute long. Now, this fall, R.J. Wilson Horror has created a passion project for the horror showcase, Damnationland, about five teenage girls who all share a macabre albeit different supernatural ability about themselves. The film, Gossip Ghouls, will pull a lot from 90s television like Dawson’s Creek and Are You Afraid of the Dark?, to name a few. Additionally, the film will appear as it were taped onto VHS from when this fictional show (complete with its own cheasy 90s intro), “aired on televsion.” You can check out the Kickstarter for the film here.

Those nostalgia hounds, 90s kids, and tapeheads out there, will be pleased to know that when you donate, depending on how much you submit to the campaign, will be rewarded with official Gossip Ghouls pins and stickers, a download link to the official Gossip Ghouls theme, “This Thing We Called Love” by Boston-based singer/songwriter Erika Hansen -- and for those generous folks -- a VHS of the film with extra goodies at the end of it.

The cast will feature a wide-array of fresh-faced newcomers to the scene as well as a seasoned crew, including principal photography by Joey Hyland (of the award-winning film Baptism) and a score composed by Derek Gierhan (Bully Mammoth, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Astronautalis).


R.J. Wilson is a filmmaker, editor, producer, and VHS hoarder based in Portland, Maine. He was born and raised in Auburn, Maine where he fell in love with filmmaking at the age of 13. He graduated with a BA in Media Writing from the University of Southern Maine and a Master’s degree in Film Production from Ohio University. Since 2015, he has acted as one of several producers for Damnationland: The Way Life Should Bleed, an annual and theatrical exhibition of original horror and thriller films by Maine filmmakers.

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