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Horror Strikes At 3:15AM


French Found Footage Anthology 3:15AM crawls out of the dark! 6 tapes of pure terror - introducing new French indie filmmakers.

It is well known that demons, possessions and unholy incidents happen at this time of the night and the folks of Redwood Creek Films came out with the idea of making a French anthology movie structured around the topic of 3:15AM. It features 6 Found Footage segments by Freedom Films, Divine, Evelyne Phan, Nicolas Delage, and David Tillault. Paris based director Fabien Delage (Dead Crossroads, Fury of the Demon, Cold Ground) is behind the project and is also directing one segment entitled "The Grove". The movie is out on DVD & VOD and it will give you nightmares. Watch the trailer for 3:15AM! Try to survive the 360° 4K Horror expericence! There's something in the woods that hates you!
Horror strikes at 3:15AM