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Indrid Cold - CASEFILES #1

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The Small Town Monsters team put together a series of youtube short documentaries, Casefiles. In the first of the series they cover The Mothman. 

Meet the man called Indrid Cold. One night on a lonely stretch of highway just outside of Parkersburg, WV a businessman on his way home from work encountered a telepathic alien being. In the months to follow bizarre activity erupted around the area. Most notably, in the form of a flying, red-eyed figure known as The Mothman. But whatever became of Woodrow Derenbeger and his family after that fateful night?

Learn more in this inaugural episode of Small Town Monsters: Casefiles. Small Town Monsters is a film series that explores lost and bizarre history centered on strange creatures and anomalies around the United States. The films are available through Amazon, Vimeo OnDemand and on DVD. Visit our sponsor at

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