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Journey To Burger Town

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 JOURNEY TO BURGER TOWN is a proof of concept short film for a larger, feature version in the works. Support the film if you love comedy-horror, the 80s, and practical effects. A film by Cartridge Thunder. The film was shot in Chicago, IL, and features local talent from the Second City and iO theater.

The still night air is shattered when five friends arrive out of breath. They are alone, arguing on the outskirts of a nearby graveyard. Their squabble is interrupted when a mysterious howl is heard in the distance, driving the gang into the sanctity of the graveyard. Little do they know what lies within...

Directed by Jack Pochop
Produced by Daniel An
Director of Photography Jon Corum
Cast: Rose Amer, Peter Corey, Jim Cozzi, Nick DiMaso, Bayley White

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