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Laundromat (Where She Was)


LAUNDROMAT t is a frenetic and creepy tale about obsession, compulsion---and “cosmic microwave background noise”. From Writer/Director Angel Rosa.

Johnny is fixated on a woman he sees each Thursday night at his local Laundromat. He seems to know intimate details about her personal life and her daily routine. Then one night Johnny builds up enough courage to finally approach her, only to realize that she isn't there. Instead, a menacing truck surprises him in the parking lot. "Why is he looking at me," Johnny asks. But more importantly, where was she?

Written and Directed by Angel Rosa

Starring Johnny Le'Jour, and Talisa Rosado-Lamp
Featuring: J.t. Culler, Jeannette Rosado, Nate Mumford, (Nate On-Air) and Big GNZ!

Director of Photography: Renato Ghio
Edited by Justin Z Torres
Associate Producers: Damon Kimble and James Chiaramonte

A Hat City Pictures production

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