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Penny Palabras - Journal Entry 9

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Penny's experienced the paranormal for years, but getting rid of the Straw Man is proving to be a challenge. She's enlisted the help of the Librarian who always seems to know more than she lets on. A Devil's taken an interest in her as well, but Penny knows Devils can't be trusted. Her friends and family can't understand, but the Straw Man is growing more powerful every day. Watch All Entries HERE!

A companion piece to the upcoming web series PENNY PALABRAS. In this episode, she's getting the feeling something is following her and watching her now. 

What would you do if haunted by ghosts? Penny Palabras is a strong young woman finding her place in a world that doesn't always make sense. She's been troubled by the supernatural for years, but now unknowable dangers are spreading. A sinister Straw Man is stalking her and is threatening her friends and family. Penny's not like other kids – she's learned a few spells and enchantments with the help of a local librarian. Together, they've found a way to banish the Straw Man. All Penny has to do is make a deal with a Devil, but all deals with Devils come at a price. How far would you go to protect those you love?

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