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Penny Palabras - Teaser


Fun Size Horror has been sharing the companion pieces for the upcoming paranormal/urban fantasy web series, Penny Palabras, in anticipation of the show. Today they released a teaser! Check out the website to stay up to date on the series!

What would you do if haunted by ghosts? Penny Palabras is a strong young woman finding her place in a world that doesn't always make sense. She's been troubled by the supernatural for years, but now unknowable dangers are spreading. A sinister Straw Man is stalking her and is threatening her friends and family. Penny's not like other kids – she's learned a few spells and enchantments with the help of a local librarian. Together, they've found a way to banish the Straw Man. All Penny has to do is make a deal with a Devil, but all deals with Devils come at a price. How far would you go to protect those you love?

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