Phantoms of the Fog

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Chris Milewski (A Taste of Phobia, POE IV: The Black Cat) returns with another Italian horror inspired short film — PHANTOMS OF THE FOG! This 11 minute affair consists of a heaping dose of, you guessed it, Italian horror, with a dash of those classic Vietnam War actions flicks churned out around the world during the mid to late 80s. Starring Filmiracle Productions regulars Karen Lynn and Terry Reilly, newcomer Ryan Fargo plays the part of a American soldier wandering around in the jungle for reasons unknown. Having worked with such Italian cinema greats as Fabio Frizzi, Franco Garofalo, and Silvia Collatina, Chris is no stranger to the Italians, and so this time around has recruited Luca Coscarella to deliver a hypnotic musical score. 

Written & Directed by C.M. Lazer

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