Pretty Little Miss

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iFilmThat is a youtube channel that turns stories from the internet into short films. PRETTY LITTLE MISS, directed by Robert O’Twomney, explores what happens when a serial killer who kills hitchhikers picks up a serial killer who kills the people who pick her up? Story by JeniusGuy and inspired by _MistressRed_ on Reddit.

Written and Directed by: Robert O’Twomney
Story by: /u/JeniusGuy
Produced by: Jacob Leander & Basil Shadid
Executive Producers: Mark Ghazal, Robert O’Twomney, Jared Sine & Aman Bhutani
Co-Producer: Tony Becerra
Production Manager: Jason Aumann
Director of Photography: TJ Williams Jr.
Edited by: Chris Ophoven
Composer: Jared Forman

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