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"Reyes" Official Trailer


The official trailer for the German movie REYES produced by Uprise Pictures is now available online! It’s a gruesome tale featuring occult rituals and human sacrifice, it is going to be a thrill ride, very far from PG13 rating!

Directed by Patrick Templin and René Wiesner (ABCs of Superheroes), starring Kim Sønderholm (Follow The Money, Sinister Visions) as Mick, a down and out author looking for inspiration for his next book but stumbles into something very sinister in his hometown.

Also starring is Bill Hutchens (Human Centipede 2+3), Shawn C. Phillips (The Corpse Grinders, Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High Aka Vol. 2), Antonio Monroi (Apocalypto, Texas Rising), Patrick Jahns (Bunker of The Dead, Break), Peter Ahlers (Skatecop), Aileen Dankyi-Sampong and many others.. 

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