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Upcoming Horror Short Film 'ROMAN Á CLEF'

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This exciting horror project stars James Paxton (Eyewitness) and Madeline Zima (Twin Peaks) and is directed by Erin Elders & Nicholas Dunlevy. The film's production ran into the horrendous California wild fires, and because of the delay they need support. Check out the film's original fundraising video below and go HERE to help them finish this great horror project. 

In ROMAN Å CLEF a fashion photography crew heads to a remote ranch house to shoot, only to get terrorized by a pair of ghoulish strangers. After murdering most of the crew, the strangers drag two survivors to their compound and attempt to initiate them into a bizarre cult...This short will be reminiscent of 70’s horror and promises an enticing slow burn for its audience. 

SUPPORT HERE! And Follow the film @romanacleffilm

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