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Seize the Night

An Emma Dark film
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Emma Dark's highly anticipated vampires vs. werewolves action-horror short film SEIZE THE NIGHT is now available to watch! After escaping from a secret government bio-research compound renegade vampire assassin Eva is hell bent on revenge. Receiving a tip off from the mysterious Dante she meets with arms dealer Joe who informs her that an enemy is hot on her tail. Eva hunts the hunter and encounters a team of werewolves, led by pack alpha Tobias. During their confrontation Eva learns a terrible secret and is forced into a situation of such gravity she may have to join forces with the devil she knows in order to fight the greatest of all evils.

Emma Dark
Carey Thring
Paul Ewen
Anthony Llott
Mark Sears

Producer/Director - Emma Dark
Music - Eric Elick
Fight Coordinator - Roy Scammell
Cinematography - AJ Singh & Donato Cinicolo

Full cast and crew credits can be found HERE. ©Emma Dark

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