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Sequence of Demise


A young couple Heather and Steven make a trip with Heather's friend Liz to visit a cemetery where Heather's mother is laid to rest. Unknowing that they are about to come across two psychopaths laying a wake of chaos and destruction to anyone that gets in their way. True horror is unleashed as a sequence of events utter in the ultimate demise of all those that enter its deadly path. Can this group of friends survive the true horror which awaits them? 

Directed by Jim Mitchell

Joie Aceremo as Heather
Kevin Kollpainter as Steven
Sarah Kattalia as Lizzie
Michael Martin as Ed
Jim Mitchell as Cory
Leroy Martin as Heather’s Father
Ashley Sullivan as Drunk Teen 1
Daniel Okonski as Drunk Teen 2
Lauren Saaverdra as Suicide Girl
Amy Harmening as Drowning Victim
Coco Rigor as Addict

Stylists – Sarah Rigor
Music by – Jeremy Okonski, Ashley Sullivan & To Morne Eternal
Cinematographer – Jo Beaudreaux
Edited & Visual Effects by Dan Okonski

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