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TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE meets a Virus Outbreak

Filip Halo has released his anticipated film SICK, a European Texas Chainsaw Massacre teaming up with a Virus Outbreak situation, but that is only the first layer. The movie is actually about Domestic Violence and how couples feel when they start hating each other, but still having to live together. Every single thing that happens in this movie is symbolic and the sickness is not just a real virus, it is mostly emotional, it is what drives couples crazy, the so-called "Zygophrenia".

Three sick bastards terrorize Julie after her boyfriend has abandoned her in the middle of nowhere.

Directed, written and produced by Filip Halo (Chalatsis)
Starring: Haritomeni Gourasa, George Alatakis, Jimmy Citro, Lazaros Mavridis, Filip Chalatsis

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