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Spider Danger

The most viewed Sci-Fi short on Youtube!

SPIDER DANGER is an sci-fi horror short film directed by Andrea Ricca. The film is about a spider that reaches huge dimensions, and it is also a tribute to '50s science fiction like TARANTULA by Jack Arnold.

Andrea Ricca is an independent director who has realized, since 1998, some science fiction short movies, with CGI VFX. They reached more than 7.500.000 views online and were welcomed positively by international reviews such as the historical "HAMMER FILM", the english “SFX UK" the french “ECRAN FANTASTIQUE”, "STARBURST" and many more (HORROR SOCIETY, DREAD CENTRAL, HORROR MOVIE.CA, HARROW IN THE HEAD, BLOODY DISGUSTING, DAILY HORROR, THE CGBROS, FRIGHT NIGHT INTERNATIONAL FILM FEST etc.).

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