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Terror Tuesday


In this horror short, TERROR TUESDAY, four atmospheric vignettes, each under 1 minute long and all loosely connected, tell the tale of a young boy unleashing evil on the world – one grown-up at a time. A project that started as an experiment in creating narrative content for Instagram (each vignette released on consecutive Tuesdays leading up to Halloween), it was later edited together for release as a single package.


The Boy – Thomas Brekke

The Teacher/Ghost – Eric Brekke

The Babysitter – Laura DeMouche

The Uber Driver – Donny Prosise

The Demon – Shayne Baker

The Father – Robert Dean

The Mother – Colby Crain


Writer - David Salcido

Directors - David Salcido and Carlos H. Tejeda

Producers - Troy Scoughton Sr., Troy Scoughton Jr. and David Salcido

Director of Photography – Kent Harkey

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