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The Body Politic

You rely on them every day. To eat. To drive. To work. To live. So, what happens when your hands grow tired of your commands and plot for freedom?
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Translated from Clive Barker's short story.

Charlie has been feeling odd lately. His hands haven't been feeling right, but on the contrary - they feel like they could take over the world. Plotting night after night, they have devised a plan to free themselves from that accursed body and live life on their own terms. The only issue is Charlie's awareness of the situation - he knows something isn't quite right with his hands. Hopefully, he finds out before the revolution begins...

Directed by: Pat Bird
Produced by: Pat Bird, Patrick Dowdle, Nick Reid
Director of Photography: Patrick Dowdle
Edited by: Steven VanMaele
Starring: Casey James Knight , Nick Reid, Sarah Goeke - Mark Colson

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